The Pulse Of the Internet - Visualizing Search Queries

Imagine being able to SEE what people search for in the main search engines at any given moment, from anywhere in the world... This would give you insight into "what the world is thinking right now".

A new patent application by Microsoft is based on this idea. Its name: Internet Visualization System and Related User Interfaces

This system is meant to analyze the search query logs of the search engine, and visualize the data in real time (or near real time).

Additional articles on the topic of web visualization

Information visualization is a constantly evolving field. Following are new articles talking about the fascinating topic of info visualization and its applications, with emphasis on the web and the online world.

Online face morphing

Morphing - computerized creation of an animation in which one image gradually turns into another.

Morphing processes explained

Morphing processes involve digital signal processing algorithms in order to analyze two images, and gradually and continuously transform one image into another.

An explanation of the morphing process can be found in the following video:

Visualizing Search Results

A recent Yahoo patent application aims at exploring the possibilities of visualizing search results.

I think that the major change we will feel in our general web experience in the future will be around the way we search the web.

Search Engine Relationship Chart (histogram)

Every search marketer that respects himself has this chart bookmarked. Produced by a well known SEO firm, Bruce Clay, this is a historic diagram (histogram) of the relations between different search engines.

Gapminder - visualizing statistics about the world

This is by far one of the coolest visualization tools out there. And not because of slick design or sophisticated visualization algorithms - it is the idea itself that makes this tool so great. It's called GapMinder.

Visualizing Internet Traffic

A big provider of internet traffic optimization solutions - - operate a set of free tools that allow real time net traffic visualization.

  • Visualizing web traffic - - this tool visualizes real time traffic volume on a world map. Areas with high traffic are highlighted as hot spots. In addition, latency data is visualized (places with slowest traffic). It even shows attacked regions (visualizing hacker attacks).

Visualizing Twitter

  • A cool twitter data visualization experiment :
    It's a simple web base application that analyzes live feed, searching for the words "love", "hate", "think", "believe", "feel" and "wish". Since twitter today has lot's of users, you can actually spot a continuous live twitter messages stream containing the above mentioned words.
  • An attempt to visualize twitter network using microformats:
  • ...and some picture I stumbled upon, visualizing some state of the twitter streams :
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